AT&T’s Pogo Browser

September 5, 2008



Pogo Browser

Pogo Browser




AT&T opened up invite only beta of its Pogo browser, the code is based on Firefox 2 and Vizible. Pogo actually looks good and has some nice features but it is slow.

It demands lot of memory and has high hardware requirements, for installing you need atleast 766MB RAM, 1024×768 screen resolution, 128MB VRAM. If you don’t meet these requirements just don’t install it, it won’t run properly.

While the UI is impressive, the speed is terrible and keeps on eating system memory.

Some cool features of Pogo are visual history, visual bookmark manager, springboard, and pogodock. Visual history makes it easy to get look at your browsing history, pogo grabs images for all the websites you visited and displays as 3D visualization. Bookmarkmanager shows thumbnails of all your pages in a visually appealing 3D style. Adding, categorizing and editing of bookmarks is easy and appears in 3D style. You can tag your bookmarks for easy access later. Pogodock is like a tabbed navigation of Firefox but in style, you can add web pages to pogodock and then quickly switch between them same like tabs. This is quite interesting it shows thumbnails of all the pages you opened so you know where to go in those tabs like dock. With Springboard you can set webpages as home pages, see your favorite websites or most frequently accessed sites.

Overall it looks like a promising browser, unless they improve memory usage i am not going to touch it any time soon. Currently it only supports windows Xp SP2 or Vista. Thanks webware for the invite.

Thanks for this information by Technology Bites Blog


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