Safari 4

July 24, 2008

Apples come a long way from a five year contract with M$ for the IE browser to making the Safari browser. Besides the fact that when they moved it to Windows, they completely ignored the Linux community (again!). With the developers release of Safari 4 given out at the last WWDC does anyone want to try it. I am writing in it right now. A few new improvements have been made and I am glad to see that the Safari market share is growing as well. May I remind you that Safari 4 is still a beta version. It is NOT stable in all ways. If you do want it I heard that there are a few torrents around, but like I did I got mine from the source. Safari 4 is WAY faster than Safari 3. Majorly. Another new ability is that you can now save a web page as a web application. For PC users this is kinda new, but if your a Mac user than if you have used Fluid then this is no big new feature. SquirrelFish, the new JavaScript interpreter, speeds up pages with Java about 1.6 times faster. Thats all on Safari 4 at the moment. When more news comes on the subject then I will post about it.


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